Find your pet or report it missing

Is your pet registered in our database and unfortunately missing? Chances are your animal has already been found!

By entering the chip number of your animal here you can look up your pet for a missing report.

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Searching for your pet after it has gone missing

More than 13,000 pets go missing every year. These are mainly cats. To get these pets home as soon as possible, it is important to chip and register your pet. As soon as a correct registration has taken place after chipping, you can enter your personal PetBase account report the animal as missing. We would also like to help everyone find their pet. That is why we have some tips for when your pet has gone missing. You can find this via the button below:

Your pet not yet registered?

Registering your pet is important, even legally required for dogs. Registering your pet ensures that he can be reunited with you quickly missing.

In the Netherlands, more than 4 million households have one or more pets. Most people have a cat or a dog. Many of these animals are touched daily missing.
Before your animal can be registered, it needs a chip. This can be set by a chipper or a vet.

Register your pet at PetBase

PetBase is a government-approved animal database. In fact, we are the safest animal database in the Netherlands. All animals registered by PetBase can be found in the Netherlands and abroad. This increases the chance that your pet will be found.

Register your pet easily within 2 minutes and see all your pets in 1 account. 

Moving house with pets

When you move, your pet naturally moves with you. It takes a while for your pet to get used to his/her new home and to find his way back when the animal is outside. It therefore happens more often than one pet missing affected after a move. Make sure you have reported your move to PetBase. With our “Plus package” you can arrange this in advance and indicate your moving date and address.

Of course, this does not only apply to the period after the move. Your details must always be up-to-date so that the emergency services can reunite you with your animal. Changes can be made free of charge at PetBase.

Rules for chipping and registering dogs

Since 2013, all dogs born or imported into the Netherlands must be microchipped and registered. This legislation was made to prevent malicious breeders and traders. These breeders and dealers often sell sick dogs with forged papers. Therefore, always check when purchasing a puppy whether he has a valid chip and passport.

In the Netherlands, the dog must be chipped within 7 weeks. For import, this must be done within 14 days after arrival in the Netherlands. In both cases, the dog must also be registered with a recognized animal database.

PetBase is one of these animal databases recognized by the government. 

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Cat and dog tag

Chipping other animals

The most animals that are chipped are cats, dogs and horses. But other animals can also be chipped, such as rabbits, parrots, ferrets, snakes, turtles, koi carp and snakes. 

These animals can all run away, fly away or can be stolen. Therefore microchipping other animals is just as important as microchipping dogs, cats and horses. With the right combination of a chip with a correct registration at PetBase, your animal can access missing to be traced again. You can find your pet with a few steps that you can find on the following page:


Reporting your dog or cat missing is easy in PetBase. Find your registration via Search chipnumber. Enter the 15-digit number of the chip on this page and click on the 'Search' button. You will then see your animal data and then click on 'Log in and change'. Do you have a then you can select your pet via 'My animals' and make your missing report there. Extensive help can be found on our support page

You can indicate that an animal has died by requesting the chip number and logging in your account. There you can report the animal as deceased in the database.

Click on changing data in the menu, log in with chip number and registration/form number and specify your preference. your personal data will only be shown if you search on the 15-digit chip/chip number and if you have opted for release. If you do not opt ​​for release, the details of the notifying body will be displayed on request. Please note that this agency can only be open on certain days and hours. So if you have not opted for release and the animal is found in the evening or at night, you cannot be approached directly!  

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