Pet missing

More than 13,000 pets go missing every year. These are mainly cats. To get these pets home as soon as possible, it is important to chip and register your pet. As soon as a correct registration has taken place after chipping, you can enter your personal PetBase account het dier als vermist opgeven.

Is your pet missing?

The moment your pet goes missing, it is important that this is in your personal PetBase account is indicated. To make the search for your pet go as quickly as possible, it is also smart to report your missing person
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Is your pet missing without a chip? Then it is useful to spread the missing person via social media, for example. Make sure that a photo is added, so that the fellow human being knows which animal it is. You can too in de gaten houden of geregistreerd wordt dat het dier gevonden is. Dit is een voorbeeld van een website waar gevonden dieren worden opgezet. Hier zullen er vast nog meer van zijn in jouw regio.  

honden penning

Cat and dog tag

Cat missing, what now?

What is the best thing to do in such a situation? Below we have a number of steps that you can take. Here are some things you can do:

Cat missing report
Start by logging into your PetBase account. Here's the thing to report your cat missing. As a result, animal aid agencies, such as the animal ambulance and veterinarians, also know when they find the cat.

Walk around the neighborhood
Then take a walk around the neighborhood. In the meantime, call his name in the hope that he will go for it. It is useful to bring something that can make noise that the cat can recognize. For example, a certain toy or a bag of food. A cat hears this sound very well and then immediately comes to it.

Create a missing poster
Make a “MISSING” poster ASAP. Use photos of your cat and clearly indicate when and where your cat disappeared. Include your contact information so people can call you if they see something. Hang the posters in the neighbourhood, for example in supermarkets, on the corner of the street, in shops and in public places.
Keep an eye on: you are not allowed to hang posters everywhere and you can even be fined if you do this.

Dont be discouraged!
Geef vooral de hoop niet op. Sommige vermiste katten komen na dagen, weken of zelfs maanden weer thuis. Blijf zoeken en houd de posters op de juiste plaatsen hangen! Hierdoor zal de vermissing van je kat hopelijk snel weer goed komen.

Dog missing, now what?

If your dog goes missing, it can be quite a nightmare. Fortunately, most dogs make it home safely after a few hours, but unfortunately sometimes that is not the case. What do you have to do then? Below we give a few tips on what to do if your dog is missing.

Report dog missing
Start by logging into your PetBase account. Hier is het zaak om je hond vermist op te geven. Hierdoor weten dierenhulpinstanties, zoals de dierenambulance en dierenartsen, dit ook wanneer ze de hond vinden.

Go search for yourself in your living environment!
Search the immediate area for garages, yards, and parking lots that your pet may have gone to. Also look in trees if you have a cat. Call neighbors to see if your pet is with them.
Look out: Do you have a dog or cat? Then they sometimes want to walk back to their old home. Make sure old neighbors are aware of your missing pet and put up posters there:

Call out and make sounds they recognize
Call and make noises when your pet is missing. Do this early in the morning or late at night, when it's quieter and your pet will be less frightened and more responsive. Make sounds that your pet usually responds to, such as his name or certain noises.

Last place
Often dogs go back to the place where they last saw their owner. You can leave something they might recognize, such as a t-shirt with your scent, a toy, or your car.


Create Missing Posters!
Create posters or flyers stating that your pet is missing. Make sure the poster is clear and contains the correct information, such as: a description and photo of your pet, the place and date it went missing, and your own contact details. Hang the posters in the area where you last saw your pet, but also in places with many people, such as the station, bus or tram stops, parks, supermarkets and lampposts. 
Keep an eye on: you are not allowed to hang posters everywhere and you can even be fined if you do this.

Spread the word on social media that your dog is missing
Post on social media – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – that your pet is missing. Include the same information as on the poster and ask people to help you find it.

What happens if your animal is found?

Op het moment dat je kat gevonden wordt, gaat de desbetreffende zorgverlener op zoek gaan naar het chipnummer. Dit doen ze door middel van een speciale chipreader. Als de kat gechipt is geeft de chipreader het chipnummer aan, waarna de zorgverlener op zoek kan gaan naar de eigenaar van het dier. Is dit niet het geval kan de zorgverlener helaas weinig eraan doen. Ze zullen de gevonden kat naar een asiel brengen. 

Op het moment dat er een vermiste hond wordt gevonden kunnen zorgverleners er al vanuit gaan dat de hond is gechipt. Dit is namelijk sinds 2013 verplicht. Het achterhalen van het chipnummer doen ze op dezelfde manier. De eigenaar van de hond zoeken ze op via een Chip number check where they can see all the information. The owner of the pet can decide for himself which information is shown there.

PetBase is affiliated with, so that your cat can also be traced in other European countries. 

Always report a missing person