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This page gives you very important information as a dog(s) owner. Registering your dog is important, for dogs even required by law. Before you can register your pet, it must be microchipped. 

At PetBase you can register your pet in 3 simple steps!

One-time payment € 7,50

Register your dog in 3 steps!

Family expansion, congratulations!

You've probably been looking forward to it for months, but then it's really happened or it's coming soon. You expand your family with a sweet dog. This will be a very fun time, but in the beginning there will also be a lot of responsibilities. We will help you with this!

After purchasing the dog you will receive a chip number. Since 2013 it is mandatory for all dogs to register within 14 days register your dog after purchase at an animal database recognized by the government. The registration allows all animal aid agencies to find out who the dog belongs to and where it belongs if your dog is unfortunately missing has been hit. You decide which data can be found. You can change the data entered at any time. We do this free of charge to ensure that the data remain up to date at all times so that your dog's home address can be found again.

Hond registreren: belangrijk om te weten

As a database, we need a number of data to ensure that your dog registration runs smoothly. You must enter this information yourself during the registration of your dog and you can change it free of charge at any time. This way we ensure that your furry family member can be brought home safely.

hond registratie

Information about your dog

  • The chip number
  • The date of birth
  • The call sign
Register dog

Data from you

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address

What should you consider when registering your dog?

It is important to regularly check whether the data in dog registration are up-to-date. After all, you do want your pet to be able to be brought back home when he is unfortunately missing or has been hit. By ensuring that you keep this information up-to-date, it only becomes easier! 

Are you moving or is your dog temporarily staying somewhere else? Then indicate this in your personal PetBase account! Then you prevent people who found your pet, from standing at the wrong door when they found them. 

To reassure you if your dog has been found, rescue workers would like to contact you. This is easy because your dog is registered. You decide which of your details they get to see. However, it is important to keep these details up-to-date as well!

Change data for free at PetBase
At PetBase we have made it possible for everyone completely independent and free can change all its data at any time. With this we want to prevent problems when returning recent missing pets.

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Register your dog at PetBase

At PetBase you can easily register your dog within 4 steps. Read below the few steps you need to do:

How do you put your pet in your name?
If you already have an account log in at the top right on your account. Do you still have no account? Then click the button at the top right register dogs, cats and other pets. Once you are logged in to your account, click on the 'add pet' button on the left. 

With the chip number (15 digits) and transfer code (starts with pb-) or form number, the animal can then easily be registered in your name. After the payment of the package (7.50 standard or 15.00 plus), everything is easily and securely registered in our database. 

There is only average 3 minutes needed to create an account and register your dog

We report this immediately to the Central Database for Animals of the RVO so that you comply with all legal obligations.


  • Lost and Found Registration
  • Lifetime Registration
  • Registered immediately
  • Portal for the government (RVO)


  • Upgrade of the basic package
  • Parts available for all animals in the account
  • Holiday & moving service
  • Extended data
  • Link photos
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Returning your missing dog abroad via Europetnet

PetBase is affiliated with Europetnet! Europetnet is committed to getting pets back to their homes throughout Europe. This ensures that your pet missing can also be traced throughout Europe!


You cannot make (address) changes by phone. Changing is done via our website, option use the search option by filling in the chip number and log in via the 'Log in and change' button. And then log in via the 'Log in and change' button.

Reporting your dog or cat missing is easy in PetBase. Look up your registration at On this page, enter the 15-digit number of the chip and click on the 'Search' button. After that, you will see the animal details and then click 'Log in and change'. Do you have a then you can select your pet via 'My Pets' and make your missing report there. Extensive help can be found on our support page

A transfer code is required to transfer a pet registration to a new owner. Also called transfer code and without this code it is not possible to transfer the animal to another holder / owner. The old owner can request this in the portal and give it to the new owner. More information can be found at the PetBase support portal.  

For registrations made before 9 November 2021, a form number is necessary. Registrations after this date can work with a My PetBase account and no longer need a registration number, then everything works with a transfer code. No changes can be made to the database without a number or code. The chip number and registration/form number can be found on the blue form or in the e-mail provided at registration.

Only the unique combination of these two numbers gives access to changing your data in the database. This prevents fraud and protects your privacy. We can only search by chip or registration/form number and not by name or address. The chip number can be read by your vet or chipper. You can do several other things to find out the registration/form number.

You can report the death of a pet by logging in on our website.

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