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Compulsory identification and registration for dogs (I&R)

Since April 1, 2013, it is mandatory in the Netherlands to chip and register all dogs in a database designated by the government, such as PetBase. These rules have been tightened since 1-11-2021. This identification and registration (I&R) is mandatory for all dogs born in the Netherlands or imported and now also has an EU Animal Passport obligation. Dogs must be chipped within seven weeks of birth and registration must be completed within eight weeks of birth. 

Dogs imported to the Netherlands must be registered within two weeks of import. Only already chipped dogs with an official animal passport are allowed enter the Netherlands. An exception is if the dog will stay in the Netherlands for no longer than three months.

Do not buy a Dog that is not registered and does not have an official EU pet passport!

The owner of a dog must accept these obligations and is also responsible for them. A breeder or someone who imports dogs is the first Dutch owner and must register the animal in his/her name. Does the dog change owners? Then this can easily be changed online in PetBase through the unique Mijn PetBase account.

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In the web shop you can easily request and have your pet passport, or other products, made. PetBase takes care of a correct delivery at your veterinarian practice. Would you like more information about an animal passport? Or do you have questions for us about the database? Feel free and contact us at our contact page. The employees of PetBase are happy to assist you.

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Each veterinary clinic has been given its own UBN number. You can request this number from RVO and it is needed for reporting and ordering passports and chips. You can read more on our support page.

ISO standards 11784/85, in combination, form the standard for electronic animal identification. ISO 11784 describes the number structure (15 digits, first 3 are manufacturer or country code). ISO 11785 is the technical concept of the chips. All chips sold by PetBase B.V. comply with these standards.

You can do the registrations easily via our website, both registrations for reunification and single chip application notifications or passport notifications. But it is also possible to register chips directly from an increasing number of management software such as Animana, Vetware, DAISY and VetBase. After registration, the data can be accessed directly via our website. On our supportpage we explain in detail how to register a chip.

In the United States, among others, the FDX-A chip number is often used. An FDX-A chip number has a code of 10 characters long and usually consists of 9 digits and 1 letter. In Europe, FDX-B chip numbers are always used for pets. These chip numbers are built up in a fixed way. They always consist of 15 digits. The first three digits are either a manufacturer number or a country code. Manufacturer numbers always start with a 9, for example 945 for FiveStar transponders. 

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If the master data (chip number, animal species and, in the case of a dog, the date of birth as well) are entered incorrectly, they cannot be changed just like that. The registration must be completely withdrawn via the bin at the registration. After the registration is completely deleted, a new registration can be made with the correct data. The non-pedigree data (breed, colour, sex) can be changed at the animal's registration under the heading 'Actions' and then 'Change'.

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