PetBase guarantees good registrations!

PetBase offers an innovative platform specially designed for pet registration. Within 1 minute, you register an animal according to laws and regulations. 

PetBase is the European animal database for pets with a chip

Avoid mistakes, save time and do the right thing for the holder. 

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European coverage

PetBase is affiliated to EuroPetNet (EPN). All registrations at PetBase can be traced back to Europe. Missing animal reports are also forwarded Europe-wide, via the database of EPN.

Register an entire nest in 2 minutes

PetBase offers a new option for vets and chippers to register an entire litter of pets in just two steps.

Safest database in the Netherlands

To best protect your data and that of your pets, PetBase has the ISO 27001-certificering achieved.

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Registering easier than ever before

We, database PetBase, wanted to get rid of using the latest registration forms and go completely digital. A PetPoint is a unit of value (also called a credit). With a PetPoint, you can do a chip registration, pay for a legal referral to the government (RVO) or register a passport. By buying them in advance and putting them in the account, you save money and time. 

The owner will not receive a paper confirmation that can also be used by a subsequent owner (unsafe), but will receive an e-mail confirming the registration. Each registration confirmation now automatically contains a new transfer code. The transfer code changes with each new owner, but can also always be recreated in the interim. As a result, an old owner can never make changes after the transfer. This is a major improvement to the privacy of the owner!


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Order your desired products in the webshop

In the webshop you can easily request your pet passport, or other products, and have it made. PetBase ensures correct delivery to your veterinary practice. Would you like more information about preparing a pet passport? Or do you have questions for us about the database? Feel free and contact us at our contact page. The employees of PetBase are happy to assist you.

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European retrieval

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PetBase has the ISO 27001 & 9001 certificate

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2 data centres, twice as secure

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