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A European pet passport is mandatory for a dog. A vaccination booklet is sufficient for all other (domestic) animals. Are you a veterinarian and do you want to apply for a European pet passport for the animals that visit your practice? Then you have come to the right place at PetBase. In addition to being a designated database for microchipped and registered pets, registered veterinarians can also order various supplies from PetBase.

Register complete nest of pets

PetBase offers a new possibility for veterinarians, chippers and breeders to register a complete nest of pets in just two steps.

Save a lot of time and get the whole nest of pets properly registered for missing and found. It takes on average only 2 minutes to register a complete nest.

Make use of our unique 4-in-1 registration with which the birth notification, chip application notification, passport notification and registration for missing and found are properly arranged in one go.

Order your desired products in the webshop

In the webshop you can easily request your pet passport, or other products, and have it made. PetBase ensures correct delivery to your veterinary practice. Would you like more information about preparing a pet passport? Or do you have questions for us about the database? Feel free and contact us at our contact page. The employees of PetBase are happy to assist you.

Special offer for shelters - first 200 registrations FREE

PetBase wants to help shelters with chipping and registering correctly with a government-recognized animal database. For this reason, PetBase has a special offer for animal shelters. Through this offer we want to help shelters improve the care and safety of these animals.

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No, not all animals have this obligation. The obligation for 528 numbers applies to dogs and horses.

If the chip number has been entered incorrectly, it cannot be changed just like that. The registration must be withdrawn via the trash can in the registration. once the registration has been withdrawn, a new registration can be made.

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Yes, all animals who can be held as pets can be registered in our database. Some examples are: donkeys, ferrets, rodents, snakes, birds etc.

A UBN number is required for dogs to issue an official EU pet passport in the Netherlands. 

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