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A new pet, congratulations!

You've probably been looking forward to it for months, but then it's really happened or it's coming soon. You expand your family with a sweet pet. This will be a very fun time, but in the beginning there will also be a lot of responsibilities. We will help you with this!

Het is slim om je huisdier te chippen en registreren bij een door de overheid erkende dierendatabank. Door je huisdier te chippen en te registreren zorg je ervoor dat zijn thuis kan worden achterhaald als hij vermist raakt. Jij bepaalt welke gegevens er gevonden kunnen worden. De opgegeven gegevens kan je altijd veranderen. Dit doen wij kosteloos om ten alle tijden te zorgen dat de gegevens actueel blijven om het thuisadres weer te kunnen vinden van je huisdier.

Register your pet in 3 steps!


Your pet returns home and abroad

PetBase is affiliated with Europetnet! Europetnet is committed to getting pets back to their homes throughout Europe. This ensures that your pet missing can also be traced throughout Europe!

Why chip your cat?

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What should you pay attention to when buying a puppy?

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Regulations on chipping and registering dogs

Since 2013, all dogs born or imported into the Netherlands must be microchipped and registered. This is a legislation that has been introduced to prevent malicious breeders and traders. These breeders and dealers often sell sick dogs with forged papers.

Het is daarom belangrijk om bij aankoop van een pup altijd te controleren of deze een geldige chip en paspoort heeft. Het chippen van een hond moet al vrij snel plaatsvinden na de geboorte of import. Na geboorte in Nederland, moet de hond binnen 7 weken worden gechipt. Bij import moet dit binnen 14 dagen na aankomst in Nederland gebeuren. Lees meer op

In both cases there must also be a registration with a recognized animal database, such as PetBase. PetBase is one of the animal databases recognized by the government. Registering your pet is important after chipping, without registration the chip is unfortunately of no use.

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"At PetBase you can register your pet for life within 3 simple steps. With a one-off payment from 7.50 euro , your pet is also immediately registered with EuroPetNet. This means your pet can be found in case of missing at home and abroad. "

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Register your dog at PetBase

At PetBase you can easily register your dog within 4 steps. Read below the few steps you need to do:

How do you put your pet in your name?
If you already have an account log in at the top right on your account. Do you still have no account? Then click the button at the top right register dogs, cats and other pets. Once you are logged in to your account, click on the 'add pet' button on the left. 

With the chip number (15 digits) and transfer code (starts with pb-) or form number, the animal can then easily be registered in your name. After the payment of the package (7.50 standard or 15.00 plus), everything is easily and securely registered in our database. 

There is only average 3 minutes needed to create an account and register your dog

Wij melden deze direct door naar de Centrale Databank voor Dieren van de RVO zodat je aan alle wettelijke verplichtingen voldoet.


  • Lost and Found Registration
  • Lifetime Registration
  • Registered immediately
  • Portal for the government (RVO)


  • Upgrade of the basic package
  • Parts available for all animals in the account
  • Holiday & moving service
  • Everything in one account
  • Extended data
  • Link photos
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A transfer code is required to transfer a pet registration to a new owner. Also called transfer code and without this code it is not possible to transfer the animal to another holder / owner. The old owner can request this in the portal and give it to the new owner. More information can be found at the PetBase support portal.  

Registrations made before 9 November 2021 possess a form or registration number. The registered owner can retrieve this number using the e-mail address of the registration by looking up the chip number and choosing 'Login and change data'. Is this not possible (anymore)? Call us from the phone number of the registration or send an e-mail including photos of the animal passport or vaccination certificate to We will look at the possibilities with you.

Registrations after this date can work with a My PetBase account and no longer need a registration number, then everything works with a transfer code. This code can be found when registering the animal in the PetBase account. No changes can be made to the database without a number or code. 

More information about this subject can be found on our support site.

In principle, registration with one of the recognised databases is sufficient. PetBase is affiliated with Europetnet, making your pet traceable abroad as well. Not every database in the Netherlands is affiliated with Europetnet. Travelling with your pet? A registration at PetBase makes your pet traceable abroad as well.

Register your pet directly by creating an account via the 'Register' button at the top of this screen. Read more here on the support page about registering your pet on PetBase.

With sterilization, the animal is only rendered infertile by tying off the fallopian tubes. In practice, however, the ovaries are almost always removed. In that case, also with a female, there is castration. Sometimes the uterus (for example in case of a uterine infection) is also completely removed.

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