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Manon team PetBase

Manon Vroegh
Customer service

Rachel team PetBase

Rachel de Wit
Support / Back Office

Nadine team PetBase

Nadine Leemkuil

Denis team PetBase

Denis Leemkuil
Managing director

Modar team PetBase

Modar Yaghi
Software developer

Mary team PetBase

Mary Res

Jorn team PetBase

Jorn Leemkuil

Team PetBase

Teddy van Dijk
Customer service

Bo team PetBase

Cuddle management

Working at PetBase

As part of a real family business, you help professionals in veterinary clinics explain how to properly register an animal. This way this dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, naked vole, bearded iguana or python can be quickly reunited with its owner if it gets lost.

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Working at PetBase

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