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In the past, animals were tattooed for registration – a painful practice. But then came the painless chips in 1993, and while it reduced the pain, a new problem arose: data was only available by phone during business hours. Imagine losing your animal and not being able to immediately find out where it is – unthinkable!

That is why we, at PetBase, were the first to set up an online database for animals in 1998. With our database, your animal can be traced 24/7, so that it can be safely returned to you quickly.

About PetBase

PetBase: an ISO certified family business

Today, PetBase is an ISO certified family business where, despite professionalization, customers and animals are still central! Several family members still work within the organization, but in recent years the team has been expanded with enthusiastic colleagues who do not belong to the Leemkuil family, but who now feel part of the family. The team consists of a mix of animal lovers, animal professionals and automation experts. Over the years, the PetBase registrations have been supplemented with the registrations of former databases: RCA, SRGN, VETAIR and Stichting CHIP. With that we can say that we have been registering animals together for 33 years.

Since April 1st 2013, it is required by law to microchip and register dogs. PetBase is a government-approved database for registering microchipped dogs. For more information on the compulsory identification and registration for dogs (I&R) read more here.

We do all software developments of PetBase in-house. This allows us to bring a high-quality database online. Made for the professional and very easy to operate for the owners. 


Head registrations

"The very best part of my job is reuniting lost pets with their owners. I have enjoyed doing that for more than 25 years. I come from a technical background and have always been involved in automating and improving processes. At PetBase, I put that passion to work every day and I don't consider it work. My love for animals, technology and automation come together perfectly here. Together with whole team PetBase, we make the world of pets safer and happier."

Denis, algemeen directeur PetBase

Our team

Rachel team PetBase

Rachel de Wit
Support / Back Office

Modar team PetBase

Modar Yaghi
Jr. Software developer

Manon team PetBase

Manon Vroegh
Customer service

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We work together with all competent authorities that work with lost or found animals, such as Amivedi, animal ambulances, animal shelters, animal clinics, dierkwijt.nl (SDGN), chipnummer.nlEuropetnet.com (EPN) en Petmaxx.com.

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Why would I choose PetBase?

Team PetBase
Team PetBase met de ISO certificaten

ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certificate

Safest database in the Netherlands through ISO27001 certificate

We are audited annually for strict standard requirements regarding information security. This allows us to reassure our customers that their data is private and secure at all times.

Constant development and importance of customer emphasized by ISO9001

ISO 9001 sets requirements for the processes and procedures within an organization to ensure that they deliver products and services that meet customer wants and needs. The aim is to ensure consistency and improvement of the quality of products and services. Certification according to ISO 9001 shows that an organization focuses strongly on customer satisfaction and quality improvement.

Working at PetBase

As part of a real family business, you help professionals in veterinary clinics explain how to properly register an animal. This way this dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, naked vole, bearded iguana or python can be quickly reunited with its owner if it gets lost.

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