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You register your pet by creating an account on PetBase. When you are logged in, choose add animal. Then fill in the animal's details using the animal's passport or vaccination certificate. Then choose a basic registration (7.50 euros) or the Plus package (15 euros) . After payment, your animal will be properly registered on your PetBase account in case it goes missing. Here you can find more information about registering your new animal.

The price of a basic registration is €7.50 and the plus package €15.00. With a basic registration, you have a lifetime registration of the animal on your name and your animal is also traceable abroad. You can attach a small photo, add two phone numbers and address changes are free.

With a Plus package, you have options of a basic registration, but have the options for a large photo, a holiday address and move service. The options of this Plus pack are valid for all animals in the account after purchase. Each animal you register after the purchase of this package will therefore cost you €7.50 once. 

Registrations made before 9 November 2021 possess a form or registration number. The registered owner can retrieve this number using the e-mail address of the registration by looking up the chip number and choosing 'Login and change data'. Is this not possible (anymore)? Call us from the phone number of the registration or send an e-mail including photos of the animal passport or vaccination certificate to info@petbase.eu. We will look at the possibilities with you.

Registrations after this date can work with a My PetBase account and no longer need a registration number, then everything works with a transfer code. This code can be found when registering the animal in the PetBase account. No changes can be made to the database without a number or code. 

More information about this subject can be found on our support site.
Support site

A transfer code is required to transfer a pet registration to a new owner. Also called transfer code and without this code it is not possible to transfer the animal to another holder / owner. The old owner can request this in the my.petbase.eu portal and give it to the new owner. More information can be found at the PetBase support portal.  

Changing your details is done via our website, use the search option by filling in the chip number and log in via the 'Log in and change' button. If it is a non-dog registration from before November 2021, you can change the details with the chip number and registration number. In all other cases, you need to change the details with your personal PetBase account.

Your dog or cat has gone missing, which is a big deal! You want to get him/her back as soon as possible, and PetBase helps you do just that. Reporting your dog or cat missing is easy in PetBase. Find the registration via Search chipnumber. On this page, enter the 15-digit number of the chip and click on the 'Search' button. You will then see your animal details and click on 'Log in and change'. Do you have a my.petbase.eu then you can select your pet via 'My pets' and make the missing report there.

Check your privacy settings directly: to do so, click on "My address + phone" after logging in. At the bottom of the form, you can choose which data we display when someone looks up the chip number. We recommend displaying at least the phone numbers so that in case of a missing animal, an authority can contact you directly and is not limited by the opening hours of the database and the reporting authority. Extensive help can be found on our support page

Once you know the chip number (15 digits), you can retrieve the chip number via the search bar. In most cases, the owner has chosen that when retrieving the chip number, his/her contact details are immediately displayed, but there are exceptions. This is not an unwillingness, but may have an important reason. Should you not see the owner's contact details, use the 'Report animal found' button. The owner will then receive an e-mail and can then contact you.

Pay attention: If you cannot reach the owner directly and the owner does not respond to your report via the Found Animal button within 24 hours? Then report the animal as found via info@petbase.eu. Include the chip number, where the animal was found and your contact details. We will then try to help you personally. 

Condolences on the loss of your faithful pet. You can indicate that an animal has died by entering the chip number request and log into your personal PetBase account. There, you can sign off your animal as deceased in the database.   

The microchips are made of biocompatible glass. Biocompatible glass does not splinter, it pulverizes to sand. A microchip inside an animal can’t really be damaged by a trauma. Should there be concern for a leak at all? There is nothing inside the chip that could leak out. Skin irritations and allergic reactions have never been experienced. 

Registrations in PetBase from before 1 November 2021 do not yet have an account. Then you still have an old registration and in that case you can log in with a chip number and registration number. You can convert the registrations to the new environment free of charge, if you are the already registered owner, by creating a PetBase account. Here you can add the animals with their chip numbers and registration numbers.

All registering agencies, such as vets, shelters , chippers and breeders, register your data with us electronically. After electronic registration, the data can be retrieved directly from our website. If you have a pet that is registered via a other animals database is registered then you can use this animal registration procedure register these as yet. 

Click on changing data in the menu, log in with transponder and registration/form number and enter your preference. Your personal details will only be displayed if people search on the 15-digit chip/transponder number and if you have chosen release. If you do not choose release, the details of the registering authority will be shown when queried. Please note that this body can only be open on certain days and hours. So if you have not opted for release and the animal is found in the evening or at night, you cannot be contacted directly!  

You will see PetCheck at step 3 of your dog's registration. Here you can see which legal notifications have been received at RVO for the chip number in question. Do you see any red error messages and are you not the first keeper/breeder? If so, we recommend contacting the breeder or previous keeper to still register it properly. Are you the first owner or keeper, contact the vet or chipper. You can pursue registration for reunification. Read here more about legal notifications.

In principle, registration with one of the recognised databases is sufficient. PetBase is affiliated with Europetnet, making your pet traceable abroad as well. Not every database in the Netherlands is affiliated with Europetnet. Travelling with your pet? A registration at PetBase makes your pet traceable abroad as well.

Register your pet directly by creating an account via the 'Register' button at the top of this screen. Read more here on the support page about registering your pet on PetBase.

With sterilization, the animal is only rendered infertile by tying off the fallopian tubes. In practice, however, the ovaries are almost always removed. In that case, also with a female, there is castration. Sometimes the uterus (for example in case of a uterine infection) is also completely removed.

Once the animal is deregistered, you can re-register it in the new owner's name without any problems. To do this, you will need the registration number or transfer code. The previous owner also received an e-mail with this registration number or transfer code when the animal was deregistered. Registering is easy, just create an account at my.petbase.eu and add your new pet via 'Add pet' menu.

PetBase support site!

To help all our customers as good as possible, we have set up a support site. It contains a lot of the frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed here? Take a look at our support site. 

Do you have other questions that are not listed here? Feel free to contact us!

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