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You will need a European pet passport if your animal crosses the border. If your animal only stays in the Netherlands, a vaccination booklet will suffice. Are you a vet and do you want to order European animal passports for the animals that visit your practice? Then PetBase is the place to be. Besides being the designated database for chipped and registered (domestic) animals, registered veterinarians can also order various supplies from PetBase.

You can request a Pet Passport at PetBase

Since 29 December 2014 there are new rules regarding the preparation of an animal passport. As veterinarians, you can now exclusively prepare and issue the European animal passport. Once animal owners have completed the necessary details and the relevant pages have been laminated, the animal passport is approved. It is no longer allowed to issue blank passports to breeders, for example. As a registered veterinarian affiliated with PetBase, you can easily order the desired number of passports via the webshop. These pet passports contain a vaccination section and comply with the European model set out in regulation 577/2013. Moreover, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has approved the passport. At PetBase, you can also order other relevant products, including vaccination booklets, thermal labels and transponders with country codes. Benefit from combined discount offers!

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In our webshop you can effortlessly request and have your pet passport or other products produced. PetBase will ensure these are delivered correctly to your veterinary practice. If you would like more information about preparing an animal passport or have any questions about our database, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contactpage. The team of PetBase is always there to help you.

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