Sleeping behavior of cats

Cats sleep a lot, but they are usually very watchful. But where does this come from?

If you have a cat at home yourself, you know it like the best, a cat sleeps a lot. They are also called sleeping kings. This is because they sleep an average of 18 hours a day. This of course differs per age, at a younger age they need less sleep than when they get older.

A cat sleeps about 60 to 70 percent of its entire life. These are long sleep sessions to doze-off moments. Only cats have something that we as humans do not have, which is that all senses are still half functional in cats when they are sleeping. As a result, they respond to sounds, changes in the room such as light and smell and movements.

Cats are very focused on their own safety. As a result, they often do not sleep super deeply, so that they can react quickly to possible danger. When cats sleep deeply, they won't hear if you talk to them or blow softly against their ear. They are dreaming wonderfully at that moment!

Cats prefer to sleep in a place where it is wonderfully warm, such as places such as the heating. They don't say no to you, or they don't say no to you. If your cat is lying on its back, this is a good sign! This means that your cat feels completely at home with you.



Team PetBase