Microchipping and registering


In the Netherlands, over 4 million households own one or more pets. Most people own a cat or a dog. Every day, many of these animals go missing. If a pet is found, it should be reunited with its owner as soon as possible. This is achieved by microchipping the animal and registering it in a government-approved database.

The vet, animal shelter, animal ambulance or breeder are able to apply a microchip. But the chip also needs to be registered correctly. This can be done for you by one of the authorities mentioned. Only then, the microchip can be read out and details can be retrieved. You decide which details are visible once your pet is found.


If a pet goes missing, the registered details are available on this website and also through the ‘Stichting SDGN’ (Samenwerkende Databanken Gezelschapsdieren Nederland / Combined Pet Databases Netherlands), ‘Chipnummer.nl’, the EPN (European Pet Network) and Petmaxx.

PetBase meets all requirements regarding the latest privacy regulations.


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PetBase is part of Europetnet, so that your pet can also be traced abroad.

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