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Animal shelters: PetBase helps them

PetBase allows you to register up to 200 animals for free in the name of your shelter or foundation. Only when the animal is placed, the costs are charged (in PetPoints). Shelters/foundations are not charged PetPoints for non-statutory notifications up to 200 registrations on the account of the shelter or foundation. From 200 registrations onwards, the normal rate applies. We do this because the shelters in the Netherlands are doing a fantastic job! They help animals in need and take care of them. That deserves a lot of praise. 

But they also have some administrative work to do, such as registering animals and making passports and vaccination booklets. Fortunately, animal database PetBase is happy to help with this paperwork. This way, shelters can focus more on rescuing and caring for animals.

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Tijd besparing door gebruik PetPoints

We, database PetBase, wanted to get rid of using the latest registration forms and go completely digital. A PetPoint is a unit of value (also called a credit). With a PetPoint, you can do a chip registration, pay for a legal referral to the government (RVO) or register a passport. By buying them in advance and putting them in the account, you save money and time. 

The owner will not receive a paper confirmation that can also be used by a subsequent owner (unsafe), but will receive an e-mail confirming the registration. Each registration confirmation now automatically contains a new transfer code. The transfer code changes with each new owner, but can also always be recreated in the interim. As a result, an old owner can never make changes after the transfer. This is a major improvement to the privacy of the owner!


Register a whole nest at once

PetBase offers a new option for vets and chippers to register an entire litter of pets in just two steps.

Save a lot of time and get the whole nest of pets properly registered for missing and found. It takes on average only 2 minutes to register a complete nest.

Make use of our unique 4-in-1 registration with which the birth notification, chip application notification, passport notification and registration for missing and found are properly arranged in one go.

Register a nest

Order your desired products in the webshop

In the webshop you can easily request your pet passport, or other products, and have it made. PetBase ensures correct delivery to your veterinary practice. Would you like more information about preparing a pet passport? Or do you have questions for us about the database? Feel free and contact us at our contact page. The employees of PetBase are happy to assist you.

Simple registration process for shelters

The PetBase registration system is an exceptionally simple and effective solution that will significantly help the shelter save valuable time and streamline its operations. This advanced system is specifically designed to make animal registration at the shelter quick, easy and efficient.

One of the most striking features of the PetBase registration system is its user-friendly interface. It has been designed with simplicity in mind, so that even staff without extensive technical knowledge can easily work with it. Registering new animals in the shelter is now a matter of a few simple steps, resulting in significant time savings.

In short, the PetBase registration system will significantly help the shelter save time and resources. With its simple interface and easy registration process, it will streamline daily operations and focus on what really matters: the care and welfare of the animals.

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Frequently asked questions for shelters

You can do the registrations via our website, but also directly from more and more management software such as Docasoft. After registration, the data are instantly callable via our website.

It may make sense to have the administrator or one of the employees recognised as a chipper in your professional PetBase account. Paraveterinarians are automatically equated with chippers under the new law, but only if they are registered in the Veterinary Register. Here too, the address of the shelter must be recorded as the working address in the Veterinary Register.
Also check whether the UBN number of the reception centre is known or request it from RVO

No, not all animals have this obligation. The obligation for 528 numbers applies to dogs and horses.

This is possible and even cost-saving by first placing the animals in the name of the shelter, if you do not already have one, create a professional PetBase account to register the chip numbers. When a pet goes to a new owner, you can also transfer the pet to the new owner.

Please note: PetBase allows you to register up to 200 animals for free in the name of your shelter or foundation. Only when the animal is placed will the costs be charged (in PetPoints).

Shelter and no notifying authority yet? Click here to create a professional PetBase account and use our digital starter package.

In the United States, among others, the FDX-A chip number is often used. An FDX-A chip number has a code of 10 characters long and usually consists of 9 digits and 1 letter. In Europe, FDX-B chip numbers are always used for pets. These chip numbers are built up in a fixed way. They always consist of 15 digits. The first three digits are either a manufacturer number or a country code. Manufacturer numbers always start with a 9, for example 945 for FiveStar transponders.

Do you want to read more? Check it out on our support page:

The ISO-standards 11784/85 together form the standard for electronic animal identification. ISO 11784 determines the number structure (15-digits, the first 3 are a manufacturer’s or country code). ISO 11785 describes the technical concept of the microchips. All chips sold by PetBase/Micpoint BV comply with these standards.

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