chipping birds

Do you have a bird in the house and do you let it fly around the house? Then there is always a chance that you accidentally left a window or door open. There is a chance that he will fly away. If this happens, you want him back as soon as possible, this will be easier if he is chipped!

Birds always get a ring around the leg. This ring contains the identification data so that the owner of the animal can be traced. But this ring can come off or get caught on something. For this reason, chipping the bird is a better method.

Almost all vets in the Netherlands can also chip a birdn. However, it is still not always done. Many people are afraid that the chip is too big for the animal and that it will hurt him. Fortunately this is not the case, the chip is about the size of a grain of rice and does not hurt it.

The chip is 7mm by 1.5mm, and is a small tube. This tube contains the chip and a piece of copper antenna wire. This makes it possible to read the chip from outside with an RFID. This reader reads out a special ID that is linked to the owner's personal data in an online animal database (if the animal is registered).

It is therefore important to register with an online animal database after chipping your bird. PetBase is such a database where you can register within a few steps and ensure that your data can always be found if you lose it.

For more information on registering pets with PetBase, check this out on the following page: Register at PetBase

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