PetBase PetPoints 25 pieces (My PetBase)

PetBase PetPoints (credits) for use in the My PetBase portal.

[Cannot be used in Animana*, order digital registration / forms]

PetBase offers PetPoints for use in the My PetBase portal. With PetPoints, everything is done digitally, without the hassle of paper, invoices or individual payments. Registrations are performed effortlessly as long as there are enough PetPoints available.


  • Fully digital processes, no paperwork
  • Fast delivery
  • No shipping costs at registration
  • Suitable for various animal species


PetPoints are added manually via order processing, with a processing time of several hours to days on weekends. For immediate use, PetPoints can be purchased and added directly via the 'PetPoints' option in PetBase's main menu, after payment via iDeal, IBAN, etc.

*Animana is linking up from April 2023 and therefore we expect to launch in mid-summer 2023.


More information

PetBase has been the online animal database of the Netherlands since April 1998.

Registering with PetBase through PetPoints is chip brand (Backhome, AEG, Datamars) independent.

Change name and address details for free
Member of Europetnet (EPN)
Registrations can be found via, PetMaxx and
Registration 24 hours a day via the website and various software systems (including Animana*, VetsWare, Docasoft).

Notifying authorities can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:00



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