Animal ID Nano 1.4mm chip 10 pieces (528)

ISO FDX-B approved transponder with Dutch country code (528) in a butterfly applicator. The needle is shorter and 35% thinner than other systems.

Note: These chips may only be purchased by vets, paraveterinarians with a CIBG number or chippers with a chipper number.


*Price includes government contribution


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Volume discount
10 - 24 47,00
25 - 49 46,00
50 + 45,00

More information

  • ISO FDX-B 1.4×8 mm transponder.
  • Number starts with 528 (NL).
  • Sterile packaging.
  • Ideally suited for cats, small dog breeds and other small pets.
  • Narrower reading distance compared to the Standard 2.0mm chip. Therefore not recommended for use with an electronic cat flap and not recommended for large animals such as horses.
  • Single-use.
  • Needle is shorter and 35% thinner than the other systems.
  • 6 barcodestickers

Product information:
Packing unit: 10



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