Is Grain Free Dog Food That Much Better?

Grain-free dog food is said to have many health benefits for your dog. But how much better is this dog food really?

Grain-free dog food is better for dogs. This is because grains have no added value for a dog. The nutrients that this food now mainly consists of is meat and fish. It also contains a number of vegetable ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and sometimes seaweed. All this together ensures that these are natural nutrients for dogs. It is nutritious and important for a stable energy supply.


Dogs can have trouble digesting certain nutrients. This is because the digestive system is tuned to process nutrients that naturally come with the diet. This does not include grains. This means that some dog breeds may have difficulty digesting these nutrients. This does not apply to all dog breeds!

But why are grains included? Grains consist almost entirely of carbohydrates, this is a nutrient that does not occur in the natural diet of dogs. As a result, the digestive system of dogs is not tuned to properly digest carbohydrates.



Grains are the main ingredient in almost all dog foods, but why is this done when it is often not good for the dog? This has everything to do with the manufacturer. Cereals are very cheap for the manufacturer. It is, as it were, used as a filler. Grains also ensure that the other ingredients bind together, creating firm chunks. So it's all about cost and practicality. 

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