Pets not victims of inflation

Despite today's high prices, it doesn't stop many people from wanting the best for their animal. It is a real family member who should not be a victim of the current inflation.

The increase in prices is becoming a problem nationwide. However, pet stores are not seeing a decline in sales of more expensive items such as drinking fountains, luxury dog ​​beds, scratching posts and toys. This is because nowadays people will start saving money faster with their own purchases than those of their pets. To end up buying such a more expensive product. This can also be seen during animal day where again people went massively to more expensive stuff and food to spoil their pet!

There are also households that have less to spend, these people will not quickly reach for a 'luxury' product. Still, a lot has changed for them. Almost all food has become a lot more expensive. This may have caused them to switch to a different food. To make this transition as smooth as possible, many pet stores now also have cheaper food in their range. This ensures that they still have enough choice in food!

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Team PetBase