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About PetBase

PetBase/DAISYWeb was founded in 1998 with the purpose of being a fast and reliable registration system for microchips. Currently PetBase is the largest online database in the Netherlands and a popular website for pet owners. Microchips can be registered by means of website, web services, email, fax or mail.

PetBase logo 2017

** New PetBase logo that we introduce in the year 2017! **

PetBase cooperates with www.dierkwijt.nl (SDGN), europetnet.com (EPN) en PetMaxx.com

SDGN (dierkwijt.nl)   EPN   PetMaxx
PetBase is:
Available: 24 hours a day with modern communication methods
Affordable: Costs per registration are at least 50% lower then compatative databases
Fast: Online registration in 2 seconds
Safe: Personal data can only be modified by the real owner

How, what, where and when...
There are several ways to submit a registration.

Your personal information safe?
PetBase will never use your personal information for any commercial application or anything other than bringing a pet back to its owner. PetBase is registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP) with id m1002691.

When looking up a chip number, personal information will only be shown when the owner has chosen to allow this.

How can I register microchip numbers?
Only authorized professionals can register microchips with PetBase. If you are such a professional you can use the request a free kit. After we have verified your information we will send you instructions, username/password, etc.

Pet owners can NOT register microchips with us directly. Once the registration is completed an owner can however modify his/her personal data.

Microchips will only be sold to vets or other professionals. Chip readers can be ordered by anyone. New customers pay in advance for the first order.