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Who are you and what do you make our customers happy?
As part of a real family business, you help professionals in veterinary clinics explain how to properly register an animal. This way this dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, naked vole, bearded iguana or python can be quickly reunited with its owner if it gets lost. You are well aware of all processes and rules from the government and you help the professionals to comply with all legal obligations. In addition, you help the end user of our own animal platform with all kinds of things to ensure that they never have to worry about their registration again. So that they know that their pet is in the most reliable animal bank in Europe.

As a Support Employee you are a real animal lover and you answer the phone with great enthusiasm, so that they can hear your smile through the phone. You are friendly and service-oriented and you go the extra mile for our customers. This is how we score an 8.5 in our reviews!

But who are we?
PetBase is one of the largest animal databases in the Netherlands. And to brag a little, we were also the first online animal database 😊 PetBase allows the registration of microchipped dogs, cats and other pets so that they can be reunited with their owners after going missing. The veterinary clinic, animal shelter, animal ambulance or breeder can chip and register an animal. As a result, our customers can be sure of a good registration.

Our mission is to provide our professionals and owners with good information about animal identification, placing chips and registering EU pet passports. PetBase makes the software itself and works in a small team to translate the wishes and needs of our customers into solutions that work and save time.

A day with us looks something like this
You can work from home or you can come to the office and you can be reached by phone and/or email. Due to growth, we are looking for someone for about 20 hours a week. This may also be several part-time employees. We are very flexible in scheduling the hours. For example, this job can be combined with a study, very nice for a student in veterinary medicine

You start the day with a nice cup of coffee and log in to the ticket system to view the questions and orders that have come in. Your colleague Denis calls you and the other colleagues to ask how things are going, what everyone is working on and if there are still things that you run into. Before you know it, the conversation wanders a bit and you suddenly talk about sailing, for example. Nice and that should be possible every now and then! But we have to get back to work, plenty of work!

You view the questions from our professionals in the online system and you answer the questions by email and/or call the professionals. You help to provide the website and support site with the right information, so that our customers can solve things themselves. Is it really not working? Then you are the savior.

No, we're not from the Army, we don't do push-ups and we don't march in the office corridors. We would like you to recognize yourself in the profile below and find yourself suitable for this position:

– You speak and write Dutch well
– Your English is good enough
– Good advice is more important to you than scoring
– Your communication to colleagues and customers is clear and clear
- You can work in a team
– You want to learn and keep your knowledge
– Working in a SCRUM team (pre)

When is this (n) for you?
Not: If you don't like nice colleagues
Not: If service isn't your middle name
Not: If you hate animals

Well: If you can listen well and have a smooth chat
Well: If you want to contribute to the proper registration of animals
Do: If you're excited to help PetBase grow

What do your colleagues actually say?
‘As a support employee at PetBase you really matter. We have many professionals who could use your help. In addition, we are working on very nice new developments to make PetBase even better. We would also like your input on this! We help each other, we are a close team and you will work with people who also help you in your personal development. A lot is possible with us and everything is negotiable, that's why I enjoy working here' ~ Joris

Thank you for what you do
We work to live. We are grateful for what you do and reward you for it. With us you will receive a permanent appointment, a salary in line with the market, based on your experience, you get enough freedom, fun company outings, holiday pay, a company phone and laptop, you can take your pet to the office and you are showered with compliments on successes. Sounds good right?

Does this sound like music to your ears? We would like to get in touch with you. At our office or via an online meeting we get to know each other, we ask each other the standard questions and we also try to have a laugh. We especially want to know why you want to work with us and what drives you in life.

If we do swipe you right and go for a second date, we would definitely like to meet you in real life. We then go deeper into the position and what we find important about our working relationship.

Then we will do everything we can to get it done as quickly as possible. We'll roll out the red carpet on your first day at work and have a little party internally that you're there!

We will train you well and you will be given the time to first get to know all the processes and the industry. Do you need some resources to promote your work? Let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Does this sound like your ideal job? Send your application to Maika Van Duijn ( and hopefully see you soon!

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