Welcome Manon!

We have something super cool to share! Recently we have a new support employee who provides everyone with the best customer service you can imagine! Manon has been working at PetBase since May and feels very comfortable with us!

Let's introduce her briefly 😄
Manon is 50 years old, married for 29 years and has 3 children. She loves walking her dogs and definitely enjoys going for a run. But she still enjoys the summer holidays the most and certainly doesn't miss a book by Stephen King!

Manon has been in customer service for 33 years and therefore has a lot of experience! But in the course of her career, she was looking for a new challenge at a new company. In this search she ended up at PetBase! Because of the nice vacancy, she was immediately enthusiastic and started applying. Meanwhile, she's completely in her own routine, working 20 hours a week to handle all incoming tickets and helping people over the phone!

We wish Manon a lot of fun!



Team PetBase