Why take two rabbits?

Rabbits are real group animals. For that reason, it is also preferable to put at least two rabbits together if you want rabbits. But what is the best combination for this? How old should they be? Male with a female? Two guys? Two females? We explain it to you!

Before you buy rabbits, it is useful to think about what is the most convenient to put together. Because not every combination will turn out well.

Combination of rabbits

The combination that will work best is a male and female of the same age. Note, however, that the phrase "raging like rabbits" is real. So if you don't want to expand your family, make sure that the male is castrated. This is possible from four / five months old. Note that he is sexually mature after three to four months.

If you prefer two females or two males, this is of course also possible. But the chance that they will fight is very present. This is especially common in adult males. If you choose two males, we recommend that you castrate them. This makes them a lot less aggressive. A large run is also important to prevent fights. This ensures that they can avoid each other for a while.


Getting used to the rabbits

Getting two rabbits used to it is one of the most important parts of making them bond. Make sure you have a large neutral space with some items for them to hide behind. Put down some hay and bowls with food and drink. This gives them a pleasant situation where they can get used to each other in peace. 

Waarom twee konijnen?

What should you pay attention to when buying rabbits?

Rabbits are very popular in the Netherlands, they are seen as the ultimate cuddly toys for the home. It is often not well considered whether they really suit your home. This is because it does not cost much money. But it does take a lot of time. 

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