What should you pay attention to when buying rabbits?

Rabbits are very popular in the Netherlands, they are seen as the ultimate cuddly toys for the home. However, it is often not properly considered whether they are a good fit for your home.

This is due to the extremely low purchase price and low monthly costs. It may not cost that much money, but it certainly does take time! Time is a factor that is often overlooked, after a few months the 'new' is gone and less attention is paid to it. But the rabbit continues to need its daily care! This results in a purchase that you will regret.

The most important question to ask yourself when considering it is which rabbit is best for you. If we look at character, it won't matter that much what kind of rabbit you take, they are all nice cuddly buddies. The big difference is in the size of the rabbit, if you buy a small rabbit then he can live well in any hutch. But if you buy a Flemish Giant, for example, you have to get a much larger loft, otherwise he will not get enough exercise.

Nutrition also plays a major role, a large rabbit simply eats more than a small rabbit. So take into account a higher cost item if you opt for a large rabbit breed, because a large rabbit eats at least five times more than a small rabbit.

Rabbits are very social animals, living in colonies. They need a buddy to keep them happy. He can play with it or lie down comfortably. It is therefore preferable to purchase two rabbits instead of one.

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