What should you pay attention to when taking your dog with you in the car?

As a dog owner, you know it best. You want to take a nice walk on the beach or in the forest. Then you almost always take your dog with you, he loves that too! Your dog will go with you in your car, but what should you pay attention to? There are a number of points that you should pay attention to when transporting your dog.

Many dogs go in the trunk, but you also see them in the back seat. It is important that your dog also wears the seat belt in the back seat. With a sudden braking action it can be very dangerous, it is not only dangerous for yourself but also for other road users.

A dog harness is recommended to secure your dog in the back seat. If you already have a harness, you can easily just buy the dog leash. You can easily attach this dog leash to the belt in the car. You also regularly see that dogs go into a crate or car cage in the back of the car. This is of course also a possibility.

While driving, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. Make sure the windows are closed while driving, the wind can cause ear or eye infections. Make sure that your dog is kept on a leash or in a crate in the back at all times. And if you're standing still, make sure never to leave your dog in the car in hot weather, the heat can be fatal.

If you go on holiday, always check the regulations for transporting pets in that country.



Team PetBase