Hoe zorg je ervoor dat jouw kat zich nooit meer gaat vervelen?

Originally, cats are used to constantly moving and catching their own food. So they are real hunters. But a house cat gets its food served daily and therefore doesn't have to do much for this. This saves them a lot of time and they can sleep almost all day. But there are plenty of options to ensure that your cat doesn't get bored and stays active!

1. A fictional prey

Let your cat run after a fictional prey. Throw out a toy for him to run after. Try to want to get rid of the toys so that your cat continues to enjoy them.

2. laser light

If your cat is very busy, you can use a laser light. The cat then goes after the light. Just be sure to reward your cat with a treat every now and then. It can also cause annoyances because your cat can never really catch the 'prey'. 

kat verveling
Kat verveling

3. feeding puzzle

A food puzzle ensures that the cat can earn some food by playing. It challenges your cat to move and your cat's hunting instinct will come up. It makes for a fun activity and you provide him with something delicious!

4. scratching post

Give your cat the opportunity to move around in a scratching post. Cats like different heights, so a scratching post with different heights will ensure that the cat does not get bored.

5. Toys from nature

Of course, not letting your cat get bored doesn't have to be expensive. Cats love nature very much, so they often find chestnuts, twigs, feathers or grass very interesting. This is mainly because it carries the smell of the natural with it.

6. Cardboard boxes

Katten zijn dol op kartonnen dozen! Ze voelen zich hier veilig en kunnen hier heerlijk in nestelen.

Sleeping behavior of cats

Cats sleep a lot, but they are usually very watchful. But where does this come from?

If you have a cat at home, you know best, a cat sleeps a lot. They are also called sleeping kings. This is because they sleep an average of 18 hours a day. This of course varies by age. At a younger age, they need less sleep than when they get older. 

Kat verveling


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