Brushing your teeth prevents serious health problems

Brushing your dog's teeth may sound a bit strange, but it has to be done. Just like with us, dental hygiene is very important, this can prevent a lot of pain or serious health problems. This can easily be prevented by brushing them every now and then, and will also save you any high bills!

Dental plaque is the most important thing to remove in time to prevent tartar. Dental plaque is caused by food scraps. You don't need much to clean this, but you can't just grab your stuff from your own bathroom. Make sure you have an animal toothbrush with an animal toothpaste, this can often also come in 1 package. If a normal toothbrush does not work well for your dog, take a "finger toothbrush". This is a simple case around your finger that functions just as well as a toothbrush. It also makes it easier to get to difficult places.

Tips for brushing your dog's teeth:

1. Before you start brushing the teeth, introduce your dog to the toothpaste you will be using. This by letting your dog taste it a bit so that they get used to it, well this should not have any problems since it has a very tasty taste!
2. Lift your dog's lip, and gently go over all the teeth with your fingers. This ensures that your dog is already getting used to the feeling that you are going over the teeth and the contact with the gums.
3. Grab the toothbrush and start brushing the canines, only do this if your dog remains calm. Is brushing the canines going well? Then continue with the rest of the teeth. Try to brush your dog's teeth a few times a week, if this does not work, we recommend giving chew sticks or a bone.


Team PetBase