PetBase digital registration 25 pieces (Animana)

Digitale PetBase registraties voor een papierloze verwerking. Deze zullen vanaf 3-11-2021 vervangen worden door PetPoints* (m.u.v. Animana). In de nieuwe portal zijn geen formuliernummers meer nodig.

If you are using Animana* then you can still order the digital registrations. When the new connection is active, PetPoints can be used.

The owner will receive confirmation of registration by e-mail and, if desired, a registration certificate can be downloaded and/or printed.

• less paper;
• fast delivery;
• no shipping costs if you only want to register.

*Animana is vanaf april 203 bezig met de koppeling. De huidige verwachting is dat koppeling beschikbaar is in Q1 2024.


More information

PetBase has been the Netherlands' online transponder database since April 1998.

Change name and address, enter holiday address and add photo for free
Database always available via internet
Registration 24 hours a day via the website and web services
Affiliated to SDGN -
Affiliated to Euro Pet Net & PetMax and

Important: Use only for Animana



Team PetBase