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Pets not victims of inflation

Despite today's high prices, it doesn't stop many people from wanting the best for their animal. It is a real family member who should not be a victim of the current inflation.

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World Animal day

World Animal Day! Today, October 4, 2022 is World Animal Day! put your pet in the spotlight for a while and spoil them with something delicious. They woud like an extra hug!🐶😄

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Young children with pets

The wish of many children is to have their own pet, often at a young age. This interest usually arises from children's books, television programs, but also from pets in the neighborhood. But what are the pros and cons?

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chipping birds

Do you have a bird in the house and do you let it fly around the house? Then there is always a chance that you accidentally left a window or door open. There is a chance that he will fly away. If this happens, you want him back as soon as possible, this will be easier if he is chipped!

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PetBase team expansion!

Team enlargement! Because we think the growth of PetBase is super important and want to keep improving ourselves time and time again, we were looking for an intern who can help us with this. Modar had responded to this and now we can welcome him to our PetBase team. 🐶😜

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Don't buy a short snout!

Koop geen kortsnuit! Op 23 augustus 2022 is de campagne ‘koop geen kortsnuit’ van start gegaan. Tijdens deze campagne willen Dier&Recht, De Sophia vereeniging, stichting

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World Dog Day 2022!

Wereld Hondendag 2022! Wereld hondendag! Vandaag vragen wij aandacht tegen dierenleed om het beste te bieden voor onze viervoeters.  Vandaag is het wereld hondendag!🐶 Dit

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