Compulsory identification and registration for dogs (I&R)

Since 2013, it is compulsory in the Netherlands to microchip all dogs and register them in a government-approved database such as PetBase. This identification and registration (I&R) is compulsory for all dogs born in, or imported to, the Netherlands. They must be microchipped within seven weeks after birth and registered within eight weeks after birth.

Dogs imported to the Netherlands need to be registered within two weeks after arrival. Only dogs who have already been microchipped, combined with an official pet passport, are allowed to enter the country – save for dogs staying in the Netherlands for no longer than three months.

The dog’s owner needs to take on these commitments. A breeder or importer of dogs is considered the first Dutch owner and needs to register the animal in his/her name. If a dog gets a new owner, it is easy to report this change online.


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