On holiday with your pet

Your pet is an extra family member for many families. The logical consequence of this is that of course they go on holiday. Unfortunately, many countries are still quite strict on this.

Many countries have import regulations for pets and some parks or hotels already prohibit pets. Preparing the trip well is extra important now that it is already forbidden in many places to take your dog with you. Some countries within the EU are very strict about taking your dog with you, for example Spain where dogs are not even allowed to go outside in the summer. It is therefore extra important to find out beforehand what the rules are in the country you are going to.

When determining the trip, it is also useful to take into account the extreme heat that can occur in that country. Many pets are very vulnerable to heat, making it inconvenient to go here. What many people also forget is that many parasites occur in the south of Europe. Animal species from Northern Europe can become very ill from this. You can reduce this risk by reading carefully about the possible risks of the destination country.

The trip to your holiday destination is also worth a point of attention. Most people with a pet go to their holiday destination by car. Please note that, just like you, your pet also occasionally wants to stretch its legs or do its needs. Stop for a short walk every 2 hours to make the trip a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Your pet will also love to lie in a place in the car where it is shielded from the sun.

When having a short stopover at, for example, a gas station or car park, it is important to have your dog on a leash right away. Unfortunately, there are many examples of dogs ending up in front of a car because they jump out of the car very enthusiastically.



Team PetBase