Young children with pets

The wish of many children is to have their own pet, often at a young age. This interest usually arises from children's books, television programs, but also from pets in the neighborhood. But what are the pros and cons?

However, it is actually very good to take a pet into your home. This has more advantages than disadvantages. A pet is very good for stress, petting that fluffy friend helps a lot in decreasing the stress level. With a dog can be played nicely in the garden, this provides some exercise.

Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Getting up early to walk your furry friend or to feed your child will already be a part of that. This ensures that care is quickly taken for the animal in a natural way.


Most children begin to take an interest in a pet around the age of three or four. However, children aged three to four are not yet able to keep their impulses under control. For this reason, it can happen that the child takes out some anger on a pet without their will. This in turn can cause a reaction from the animal that reacts to the anger.

Kids with pets


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