Is Lyme Disease Dangerous for Dogs?

When we humans walk through the forest, it can happen that a tick can transmit Lyme disease to you. Many people wonder if this also happens in dogs.

Lyme is an infection caused by bacteria that swim through your bloodstream. They can infect your joints, organs or nervous system. You can get this infection from a bite from an infected tick. Lyme disease carries one in five ticks.

We as humans will get complaints relatively quickly after being bitten by a tick, unlike dogs, this is not the case at all. Dogs will have no complaints at all or only very late. Think months later. In this case, your dog may develop symptoms from the infection such as joint pain, fever, drowsiness and refusal to eat. The moment your dog is infected, you will not see a red spot like you see in humans. For a diagnosis in dogs, blood will have to be drawn from the vet. When Lyme disease is detected, the vet will give antibiotics. This is sufficient pain relief for your pet.

It takes 48 hours for your dog to become infected with Lyme disease after a tick bite. This is plenty of time to check your dog after every walk in the woods to make sure there are no ticks. Do you see a tick? Remove it yourself or have it done by a vet as soon as possible.

Lyme disease is therefore not dangerous for pets if it is treated!



Team PetBase