Help for your overweight pet

Pets are very sensitive to a lot of food, they love food very much, but this makes them a bit firmer. Dog owners don't pay enough attention to this. 

Overweight in your pet is common. Eating just too much food every day can lead to obesity in the long run. There are also dogs that eat too much and move little. These dogs will become enormously overweight. Vets in Pets Place stores have now come up with something for this.

Owners can now go to the 'obesity clinic' with their pet to learn how to deal with their pet's overweight and how to prevent it. They will also help the owners to get the animal back to its correct weight. They offer a free walk-in consultation hour 1 day a week in which they will determine the health of the animal.

If during this conversation it appears that your pet is overweight, a plan will be made in consultation with your vet to ensure that the animal returns to the correct weight. “Most owners don't keep track of their pet's weight, but if an animal is ten percent heavier than its ideal weight, we call it overweight,” says Marieke van Aalst, veterinary manager at Vets Place.

During this walk-in hour, the health of your animal will be observed free of charge by a weight consultation and appropriate advice will be provided. They hope this will make pet care more accessible.



Team PetBase