Off-leash dog areas in the Netherlands

Off-leash dog areas is a much-discussed topic among all dog lovers. A nice walk with your dog can never hurt! It gives you peace of mind and your dog also needs exercise. So it's a perfect combination

Many dog ​​lovers like to let the dog sniff around freely. Unfortunately, the Netherlands has set the law in such a way that each municipality can draw up its own rules for this. If it is forbidden in your municipality and you do it anyway, you can even get a fine for this. It may also be that certain areas have special rules regarding the accessibility of dogs. These are mainly rules such as:

  • Dogs welcome during certain times
  • Dogs only welcome in specific seasons
  • Dogs are welcome outside the breeding season
  • Dogs are always welcome but must be kept on a lead

    These rules are made by the municipality. Therefore, the rules may vary by place in the country. 
Losloopgebied in Nederland
Losloopgebied Nederland

Let your dog run loose in a forest or nature reserve?

In most nature reserves in the Netherlands there is a ban on dogs during the breeding season. This is because dogs can disturb nesting birds. This prohibition often applies all day. There are also areas where a ban applies due to vulnerable nature. Therefore, check in advance whether you can walk the dog to avoid any fines!


Off-leash areas in the Netherlands

Off-leash areas are perhaps the nicest place for your dog to walk. A lot of dogs come to it. But municipalities can also determine these areas themselves. This means that it differs per place. An off-leash area is often indicated with a sign, but not always. This is often indicated on the municipality's website. 

What should you pay attention to when you go cycling with your dog?

When the weather is super nice, it's great to exercise outside! Enjoy a nice run or bike ride with your dog. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to cycle with your dog. 

Honden hebben net zoals mensen een warming up nodig, dus begin langzaam en bouw het niet te snel op. Spieren van een hond moeten opwarmen om blessures te voorkomen. Als je net begint met het fietsen samen met je hond dan moet er eerst conditie opgebouwd worden. Let er dus op dat je niet meteen lange stukken gaat fietsen…

Honden losloopgebied in Nederland


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