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Each veterinary clinic has been given its own UBN number. You can request this number from RVO and it is required for ordering passports and chips. You can read more on our support page.

The ISO-standards 11784/85 together form the standard for electronic animal identification. ISO 11784 determines the number structure (15-digits, the first 3 are a manufacturer’s or country code). ISO 11785 describes the technical concept of the microchips. All chips sold by PetBase/Micpoint BV comply with these standards.

You can do your registrations via our website, but also directly from more and more management software such as Animana, Vetware, DAISY and VetBase. After registration, the data can be called up directly via our website.

No, not all animals have this obligation. The obligation for 528 numbers applies to dogs and horses.

In the United States, among others, the FDX-A chip number is often used. An FDX-A chip number has a code of 10 characters long and usually consists of 9 digits and 1 letter. In Europe, FDX-B chip numbers are always used for pets. These chip numbers are built up in a fixed way. They always consist of 15 digits. The first three digits are either a manufacturer number or a country code. Manufacturer numbers always start with a 9, for example 945 for FiveStar transponders. 

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If the chip number has been entered incorrectly, it cannot be changed just like that. The registration must be withdrawn via the trash can in the registration. once the registration has been withdrawn, a new registration can be made.

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Yes, all animals who can be held as pets can be registered in our database. Some examples are: donkeys, ferrets, rodents, snakes, birds etc.

A UBN number is required for dogs to issue an official EU pet passport in the Netherlands. 

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