Electric food bowl for your cat

Imagine, you want to go away for a day, night or week. Enjoy going abroad or somewhere in the Netherlands. Then unfortunately you have a problem if you have a cat that can't go along very well.

Nowadays, either a babysitter is arranged or someone who feeds them daily. But this can all be much easier! Nowadays there are automatic food bowls for cats, this food bowl automatically replenishes the food or no food at different times. You can of course set this up yourself whenever you want. There are countless different feeders, they all differ from each other. There are of course also differences in the price, the price tag is linked to the convenience that you get in return.

The biggest difference is the trays that appear with the food, which differs with each device. You can find them with 1 large container or many small containers. But you can also distinguish them with functions of the device. You can have a box that you have to set manually, or you have a box that you can operate with your phone through WiFi. In addition, the same automatic feeder also contains a camera and intercom so that you can always see your own cat(s) and even talk to them. You connect this device to a power bank, so if your power fails for a short time, your food bowl will not notice!

Such a beautiful luxury automatic feeder is not only useful if you go away for a while, but also for a working day at the office. If you have a cat that immediately eats all its food when you refill its bowl, an automatic food bowl is also very handy! It doses the food your cat receives, and gives it at automatic times.

These automatic (feed) bowls can also be found for water.



Team PetBase