Changing pet details

A vet, or other professionally qualified person, is allowed to microchip and register a dog, cat or other pet. As the animal’s (new) owner, it is possible for you to view and change the details. You decide which details are visible when [in case] service personnel need to read out your pet’s microchip. Changing details is entirely free at PetBase.

Pet owners can view and change their details here.

Every microchip has a unique registration number. This enables identification of your pet once it has been found [after being lost], so you and your pet can be reunited. The chip nestles in your pet’s body, making it impossible to remove. Also, the registration number cannot be changed, therefore microchipping and registering is fraud-proof.

It is important to always register the animal after microchipping and also to report any changes, in case of moving house, for example. If the details are outdated and the animal goes missing, it is not possible to reunite you with your pet after it has been found.

Is your pet missing? Check your details in the database and always report missing animals with Amivedi!