veterinarians can't handle work pressure anymore


Vets are forced to ring the bell. The workload has risen sharply since the start of the corona pandemic in 2020. With great difficulty, more and more doctors have to reject animals because they have no place. 

Since the corona pandemic in 2020, pet ownership has increased by more than 2 percent. This is more than 150,000 households. As a result, the ratio between the growth of pets and the number of doctors is no longer in proportion. To become a Veterinarian, you must complete the university bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine. This course only has a limited number of places per year. These are too few compared to the amount of vets needed in the Netherlands.

Another common reason that it is busier for vets is that people are more likely to go to a vet than a few years ago. This is due to a rise in animal welfare awareness among pet owners. 

Veterinarians work long overtime, but unfortunately more and more often have to refuse an animal for care because they really have no room. This hurts vets a lot inside, but they have no choice. Many vets therefore hope that people will now invest preventively in the health of their pet and keep track of this in view of this busyness. Plan appointments for, for example, vaccinations well in advance and not arrive a week before your holiday with the question whether you can go urgently.

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