Chipbase? Heb je ook al aan PetBase gedacht?

Chipbase is een databank voor dieren. Net als PetBase! Heb je ook al gedacht aan een registratie bij PetBase? Bij PetBase geniet jij van levenslang gratis wijzigen van gegevens, alle dieren in één modern account én Europese dekking!

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Al éénmalig vanaf € 7,50

A new pet, congratulations!

You've probably been looking forward to it for months, but then it's really happened or it's coming soon. You expand your family with a sweet pet. This will be a very fun time, but in the beginning there will also be a lot of responsibilities. We will help you with this!

It's smart to get your pet Chipped and registered at a government-recognised animal database. By chipping and registering your pet, you ensure that its home can be traced if it goes missing. You decide what data can be found. You can always change the data provided. We do this free of charge to ensure that the details remain up to date at all times so that we can find your pet's home address again.

Register your pet in 3 steps!


Head registrations

"The very best part of my job is reuniting lost pets with their owners. I have enjoyed doing that for more than 25 years. I come from a technical background and have always been involved in automating and improving processes. At PetBase, I put that passion to work every day and I don't consider it work. My love for animals, technology and automation come together perfectly here. Together with whole team PetBase, we make the world of pets safer and happier."

Denis, algemeen directeur PetBase

We work together with all competent authorities that work with lost or found animals, such as Amivedi, animal ambulances, animal shelters, animal clinics, (SDGN), (EPN) en

Register your pet at PetBase

At PetBase you can easily register your dog within 4 steps. Read below the few steps you need to do:

How do you put your pet in your name?
If you already have an account log in at the top right on your account. Do you still have no account? Then click the button at the top right register dogs, cats and other pets. Once you are logged in to your account, click on the 'add pet' button on the left. 

With the chip number (15 digits) and transfer code (starts with pb-) or form number, the animal can then easily be registered in your name. After the payment of the package (7.50 standard or 15.00 plus), everything is easily and securely registered in our database. 

There is only average 3 minutes needed to create an account and register your dog

We report these directly to the Central Animal Database of RVO so that you comply with all legal obligations.


  • Lost and Found Registration
  • Lifetime Registration
  • Registered immediately
  • Portal for the government (RVO)


  • Upgrade of the basic package
  • Parts available for all animals in the account
  • Holiday & moving service
  • Everything in one account
  • Extended data
  • Link photos
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Team PetBase