Action month of chipping!

The month of chipping! The whole month of June is all about having your pet chipped and registered. The month of June was deliberately chosen because the holiday season is approaching, and that is the month where most pets go missing. With cats and rabbits it is not mandatory to have them chipped and registered, but to increase the chance that he will be found if he goes missing, we do recommend it!

Many animal shelters deal with missing pets that are not microchipped or registered. What causes this is that they don't know who he belongs with. Most animals that come in are cats that are not registered and chipped, which makes the search for their owner extremely difficult for the shelters. Unfortunately, only 25% of all cats and/or rabbits taken care of are picked up by their owners.

We on behalf of PetBase also want to encourage more cats and rabbits to be chipped and registered. That's why we offer a 10% discount on all passports and a 5% discount on PetPoints! 



Team PetBase